Email Automation

Automated Email Notifications and Professional Email Templates.

Personalize your communications and grow your organization with branded email notifications, also send email from your application with subill API

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Email Sending API

The simplest way to send email.

Subill makes implementation of emails such as password resets, email verification, payment failure, payment reminder and much more similar to your app seamless. Use pre-built email templates or update your own with no-code editor

Scheduled Automatic Invoicing

Scheduled Automatic Invoicing and Email for non-recurring Payments (mobile money, bank transfer, etc).

Subill can automatically schedule invoices to be sent to non-recurring subscriptions in addition to or replacing the standard expiration notifications. Invoices allow the subscriber to extend or renew on their own terms instead of the automated recurring billing options.

Email Auto-Responders

Customizable Email Auto-Responders

There are rules and conditions for delivering auto-responders – pre-defined emails that are delivered automatically to users as confirmations. Each responder can be customized with your HTML along with variables that are dynamically populated – replacing with data specific to each user. Get creative and use conditions for more complex messaging.

Email Management

Manage your Email notifications seamlessly.

With Subill you can easily enable or disable email notifications from your dashboard. Also Subill preset HTML email templates that you can use and re-use for scheduled email delivery making your work more efficient

Collect custom data

Add any number of form fields to your sign up form to gather more data from your customers at sign up.

Offer Addons and discounts

Incentivise customers with coupon codes. You'll be able to keep track of each coupon code's usage.

Embeddable Billing Management Page

Offers a seamless transition from your existing application. They'll be able to change their payment plan, cancel their account and see their billing history, etc.

No coding

Sell your products without writing any code at all. No 3rd party integrations or development required.

Automatic emails

Automated email communication ensures that customers receive the information they need, when they need it, throughout the entire lifecycle.

Customizable emails

Highly customizable templates allow you to convey your company’s branding.

Analytics and reports

See how well your business is performing using metrics like MRR, churn rate, and LTV of a customer.

Export data

Export Customer's details, Invoices, Subscriptions, etc. Your customers can also export their Invoice.

Customizable Billing Management Page

Customize the Embeddable Billing Management page to align with your application design and flow.

Need more control?

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Membership Billing
Post messages for your members into their dashboard
Customers stay on your own domain and website
Create custom payment plans
No coding and no web development needed